11th November 2007

It’s a big day. We’re taking some of the guys from the Mountain Rescue teams to the Bridge of Orchy Hotel for lunch!! I’ve been chatting on the phone before but it’s going to be great meeting in person. I’m really looking forward to it!! Although I’d heard quite a few snippets, there were obviously many more that I didn’t know. The guys were full of praise for the crew of Rescue 177 from HMS Gannet. The conditions on the night were horrendous and they all agreed that it was the most amazing piece of flying that they had ever seen. One of the main attributes of military SAR over civilian is that the military aren’t completely bound by health and safety. The pilot has carte blanche as long as he doesn’t endanger his crew. The general consensus concluded that a civilian pilot would have abandoned the rescue due to the conditions, which is pretty frightening actually.

I’m looking for some vindication as well. Although it’s clear in my mind that what we were doing wasn’t reckless, nor did I put Michael in harm’s way, to hear that from the guys would ease a niggle. “Steep but doable” was the consensus and that helped. A lovely meal with friendly service!! Recommended!!


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