16th November 2006

Woke up in Intensive Care wondering where the hell I was and why I couldn’t move!! Reality soon set in and I started to remember what had happened…. I knew Michael was safe as I could still hear the sound of the survival tent being put up in the wind….and I was trying to piece things together. The last few days, however were a total blank. I was in no pain, I’d obviously been heavily sedated. Managed to take sips of water from the Staff Nurse (name will come back) who was looking after me. Had a bed bath, a pleasant experience!! Later on, I was gently transferred from Intensive Care to the Queen Elizabeth Spinal Injuries Unit. Being wheeled along a covered walkway and into a lift, when there’s nothing you can do if the trolley topples, ISN’T a pleasant experience!! Still, the most uncomfortable two nights of my stay in the hospital was still to come…

Something wasn’t right…..I was able to take in what was been said and felt very relaxed about the whole thing. The problem was that I felt that I was looking down from above!! The ward, nurses and all were working away beneath me. It was a very surreal experience and one that, initially I had no answer for. Eventually I came up with the answer…. The ward was very hi-tech right? The beds won’t be your usual hospital bed right? Remote controlled, probably computerised and changing position while I slept……. I was convinced that at certain times, when I was asleep, not only did my bed go vertical but the whole ward moved position with it!!! Obviously!!


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