20th May 2008 – ******* IT’S HEALED!!!!!********

What a feeling!!! It’s incredible and what a relief!! I can now start weight-bearing exercises and get on with building up upper body strength. And I can ride my bike!! I head back to Auchterarder and make straight to the gym just to lift something!!! Everyone is delighted for me although Pauline, my Physio, has to keep reminding me that I haven’t used the arm for 18 months, so calm down!! Plenty of work with therabands and very light weights. On Saturday, I celebrate with a 2 hour 30 minute ascent of Ben Nevis!!! Top of the world doesn’t compare to how I’m feeling!!

I’ve been painkiller-free for a few months, so celebrate with a Magners in the Ben Nevis Inn at the foot of the mountain. It’s a spooky moment again, Rescue 177 are hovering around The Ben!! My bet is the guy wearing shoes, trousers and a leather jacket!!! Although, judging by the sights that I came across, it could’ve been one of many.

Back over to Auchterarder and another hard week.


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