22nd November 2006 and following week

Anybody ever shaved lying down?? A weird concept and didn’t do it very well. If the bed is above a certain angle, I have to put my collar on, so the bed stayed nearly flat while I shaved and attempted a wash!! Still, I felt that I achieved something. Watch ‘Offside’ with Tam Cowan and his guest Tommy Sheridan. The patter was excellent and caused some severe stabs of pain in the ribs!! Was worth watching though.

Great news, I can get dressed (with help) and the Physios are going to take me to the gym!! A fantastic feeling and I’m very determined. Really hard going over the next couple of days but there’s progress.

Can’t believe it!! I’m being moved to Orthopedics!! I’m not ready, I tell them!! I think I was just being spoiled in the Spinal Unit. You don’t get as much attention in Orthopedics, but the staff were very good. I’m determined to get out of here though, so I overwork the physios!! After a few days, I’ve gone from being winched out of bed to using a stick and gingerly walking down the ward. I can’t use two because of my broken arm, but I can still make it.

My son, Michael, spent the first night in the same ward, creepily it was in the opposite bed!


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