June 2007

I’m on the ‘Trauma List’ and get taken very quickly. The operation involves another bone graft from the hip and pins and plates being inserted. Back to the Southern General. Really disappointed but as I keep telling myself, my situation could’ve been so much worse. It’s my first operation that I actually remember being prepared for!! Chatting away to the anesthetist about climbing as he put me to sleep. Surreal!! Things have gone well and it’s case of waiting until the bone heals, if at all!!

Back at work after a few weeks and the arm is feeling better by the week. I’m still using the gym, but as before, I’m not allowed to do any weight-bearing exercises on my arm. Low-level trail walks are the order of the day as well. Holly, who’s a 12 year old lab/collie cross is very happy indeed!! Shes been up a few mountains with me and is missing it!!


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