April 2007

Hit both ends of the scale this month. Back to work on the 2nd and working in the Case Management Unit in Glasgow. It’s the first time I’ve ever worked in an office before, but I really enjoyed it, after all, it got me back to work. Another visit to the Treatment Centre yee hah!! Really feeling the benefits this time, taking a packed lunch and out walking most of the afternoon. My arm’s feeling a bit sore near to the end of the 2 weeks. I’m only allowed to exercise it gently, but the pain’s getting worse. Anyway, 2 weeks are up and my all round fitness has really improved.

My arm’s really painful now and I head off to my GP, Dr Haggarty in Dumbarton. He has been very supportive throughout. I’m still taking painkillers, one of which is Tramadol, which is very strong. He prescribes more Tramadol, but in a ‘fast-acting’ form which I take morning and night on top of my normal dosage. So he has effectively quadrupled the dose overnight!! Make an appointment with Mr Meek. The arm isn’t healing as quickly as he would’ve liked. He is referring me to an upper-arm specialist, but will continue to monitor things.


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