I have been passed “Fully Fit” at work!!!!

Dr Gonzalas likes what he sees and feels that I’m fit to resume to full duty. No more office work for me!! I’ve also secured a transfer to our base in Perth, which coincidentally is nearer Blair Atholl and The Cairngorms!!!

Christmas has come and gone……too quickly these days!! I have to work in the office for another month and am due to start in Perth early February. The fund-raising is very slow. I’m sending lots of letters out but getting too few replies. Credit crunch?? There have been a few noticeable successes…

Glengoyne Distillery are donating 6 bottles of their finest malt and are even printing special labels!! Tunnocks (as in Caramel Wafers) have sent a cash donation and The Climbing Centre in Glasgow are donating some courses. When more donations come in, I’ll start a separate page listing successes.

What has been heartening are the donations that have come in from people who have read about the challenge on-line and who feel strongly about the work of Mountain Rescue. Reminding myself of this will keep me going!!


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