January 2008

My fitness has been improving over the last few months so I feel ready to tackle a wee hill!! Holly, my dog comes along too. She’s a mountain veteran and has been missing them too!! With friends, we scoot up Ben Donich at the Rest and Be Thankful. Conditions are great. No snow or rain, a wee bit windy. All goes well, I feel amazing, like I’ve never been away.

I’ve a long operation scar down the outside of my right leg. The femur is healing nicely, but the new bone is pushing the metalwork outwards and is irritating the muscle. Mr Meek decides that the metalwork can come out.

I’m back in to the Southern General. A guy in the bed diagonally opposite from me has contracted MRSA, a bit disconcerting!!! I’m worried about the arm, I tell everyone to be careful when they’re lifting me, especially when I’m sedated. The operation’s a success and the leg feels good. I need to use the stick for a few days, but it shouldn’t take too long before I’m back in the gym!!


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