January 2009

Well it’s the turn of the year and the countdown is really starting. I don’t feel fit enough although mentally, I’m sure I’ll get through it. Sometimes I feel that I’ve taken too much on but I’ve always said, that whatever I raise is not important, the fact that I’m even contemplating this, is a testament to the guys that have helped me get this far.

We’ve sent out over 200 letters and emails so far. The response has been disappointing, in fact, it’s the lack of response that’s been the worst. I sent an email to 15 of the UK’s top climbers. Chris Bonnington replied and made a donation. I can’t begin to explain how amazing that felt!! It’s the replies that matter!!

I’ve posted on the Live For The Outdoors forum. LFTO is an offshoot of Trail magazine and is an excellent site for all things outdoors. The response has been slow to say the least!! The forum tends to have a few choice words to say about MRT, insurance, ill-equipped climbers etc, yet the replies to my post are non-existent!! With some exceptions!!

Search and Rescue in Arizona have picked up on the blog!! The power of the internet!! http://sarstoriesnews.blogspot.com


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