7 weeks to go –

The jacket and sleeping bag from RAB has arrived. Both are very lightweight. A Momentum eVent jacket and a Quantum 400 bag, cracking!! Mountain Supplies in Perth stock quite a bit of RAB gear so I tried a few choices out there. The guys had never seen someone actually get inside a sleeping bag in the shop before!!! How esledo you know if they fit?? Anyway, delighted with the kit. It’s pay day as well, so me and Kevin are hitting the high spots in Perth after work!! 4 hours later…..that didn’t take long!! The Foundry is pretty good as is The Wee Hoose!!

I’m heading up to Aberfoyle to meet Heather, the designer of the Pacerpole. It’s a new concept trekking pole, left andright handed but geared to optimise performance (which I could do with).

Well, they are different I’ll say that!! Using them on even a slight slope allows you to push through the movement so much easier and you can actually feel that your arms are doing more work. A very informative experience, Heather knows what she’s talking about!! The Kendal and Ambleside MRTs use the poles and there is an Arctic expedition ongoing that are using them as well!!


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