Getting Close!!

I’ve got the bike all fixed up and have been putting in the miles around Perth and Gleneagles. The first day of the ‘Challenge’ involves a 7 mile cycle up to the Cairngorn centre then climbing up and over Cairngorm itself. I’ve not done a cycle and climb since Carn Dearg (Blair Athol) in the summer. Some people would call it ‘cheating’ but I think it’s great way to access remote mountains in the space of one day. I’ve also been using the ‘Pacer Poles’ and I can recommend them, although at an average price of £80, they might put many off. The uniquely shaped hand grip allows for fluent movement and my triceps and shoulders are feeling the benefits.

As far as gear goes, I’m nearly there although need to decide on a stove. I fancy the Primus ETA, possibly swayed by the ‘Coffee Press’ as an extra!!! Food-wise, I seem to OK as well. One of the guys on the Walk Highlands is meeting me for the first day/night and is bringing the food and Adventure Foods from Holland are supplying ready meals for the rest of the trip. The advantage of gear drops also means I can get fresh fruit etc. although no takeaways!! Alcohol is out DOH!!

I’ll set everything out at the end of April and check what I’m missing, although I’m very conscious about the wait. I’ll be speaking to Pete McFarlane (PTC on TRail’s forum) who is a lightweight guru before I start.

The raffle prizes are mounting up. Most of the list on the ‘Supporters’ Page are raffle prizes and I’m really chuffed to bits about this. We’ll be sorting the prizes received so far into groups and maybe smaller packages, then creating a separate Page. That way, everyone can see the prizes on offer and I can add as they come in. We reckon a ‘Draw’ date of 31st August sounds about right.


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