3 weeks to go!!

Most things are covered now. There’s not a great deal more to do in respect of planning and kit purchases, justa few final tweaks and confirmations e.g. touch base with the estate gamekeepers of Ben Alder and Cuaich regards vehicle access to pick up the bike and Calum atthe Dalwhinnie Inn who’s providing soup and a shower. I’ve been reflecting over tha past year or so and no wonder I’m knackered!! After the arm healed. I suppose the urge to cycle and climb mountains was understandable, but the fund-raising has been stressful and tiring. Still, it’s also been fun and I’ve met some interesting and thoroughly decent people. It’s also late while I’m typing this and I’m making a few mistakes!! I think I will sleep for a week after this is all over. What will be my next adventure?? Maybe the Cape Wrath Trail, all 21 days of it!! Not bloody likely or to quote a famous footballer….. “Mibbees aye, mibbees naw”!!!

Two important appointments next week…..Mr Meeks, Orthopaedic Consultant and Karen Darke, Climber, Kayaker etc etc!!


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