Postponed or Down but not Out!!

Well, I could see it coming……had my hip x-rayed. There is a touch of arthritis and a roughness in the ball and socket which catches at certain times. At some point in my life, I may have to have surgery, but hey, in the scheme of things!!!! I’ve been in a fair bit of pain and not been able to up the training as I would’ve liked, although, I’ve increased the painkillers….Co-Codamol, and everything’s hunky-dorey!! My consultant isn’t happy either with the stress that 9 days solid climbing/walking will have on the hip, so a re-think was in order. I’d set my mind on a years postponement, but then considered the momentum that we’ve built up. The kit sponsors and raffle donations have been overwhelming and there are so many folk interested and wanting to get involved. So I came up with a compromise………..Keep the ‘Challenge’ this year, postpone it and split it into 3 stages, mid-June to mid-July. A rest in between each stage and the ‘Challenge’ finished, done with and able to concentrate on the gig and raffle!!!

I’ve been out and about, Ben Vorlich at Ardlui, Sgor Gaoith (from Aviemore…what a long day!!) Meall Chuaich at Drumochter to name a few and the hip has been absolutely fine….so this is my final answer!!!

19th – 21st June – Cairngorms

30th June – 2nd July – Dalwhinnie to Corrour

9th July – 11th July  Corrour to Fort William

I’m missing out one Munro and a bit of cycling, but that’s it!!  Everyone who were coming along to various stages are all re-arranging, which means a great deal and it looks like more of the MRTs can make it as well, so not a bad result. Oh and the weather for this weekend is supposedly crap, even better!!


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