At the risk of spreading the news……Inverness is the best town in the whole of Scotland!!!! Have just spent a long weekend working at Rock Ness and staying at the Thistle Hotel (recommended). Very friendly town and easy access to Torridon et al. But great for a base…. Good food and music in abundance. Although 2 very surreal moments happened to me….First, all the team were in a pub called Johnny Foxes when right in front of all of them…up stepped a young ladywith a bright red dress and lipstick to match… amazing how your face can quickly match your surroundings!!! “Have you gone back to hill-walking after your fall” was the first thing she said!!! Unusual approach I thought…..although it transpired she was the younger sister of Mark and Lawrence Malley from Dumbarton, who I went to school with, some 10 years ago!!

Next up, walking through the town on the Saturday telling Craig about a guy I hadn’t seen since school who moved to Inverness. He was in a band called Schiehallion and his son was my eldest son’s best pal. Not 100 yards further, there was a chalk board outside Gellions Pub  ‘Schiehallion 5pm till 8pm’  Tried to recruit Kenny to the gig at The Griffen….he was keen but they have a wedding reception that night…… great band though

Will definitely be back…


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