Wolfstone at Pitlochry

This coming Sunday, I have the good fortune of being invited to see my favourite band, Wolfstone , at their ‘Homecoming’ gig in the Festival Theatre, Pitlochry. I’ve been a big fan for years and was delighted when they replied to a ‘Fundraising’ email. Since then, they’ve followed my progress on the blog and have sent many encouraging messages of support. They also put a message of support on their website!!  http://www.wolfstone.co.uk/news.php#25

Having just returned from Spain and being a very busy band, they were very quick to get in touch and congratulate me on finishing the ‘Challenge’. It’s going to be a great night!! The guys have even cleared it with the theatre that I can sell raffle tickets alongside their CD’s!!!!! I’m really looking forward to meet the band and say thanks in person…..

Have a look and listen ….. http://www.wolfstone.co.uk/videoclips.htm


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