Raffle Tickets

Just to update everyone…..I’ve extended the draw date and halved the cost of a ticket. The new draw date is 31st October 2009 and each ticket now costs £1. I’d contacted Glasgow City Council and it’s legal as long as I take reasonable steps to inform folk that have bought tickets. What will happen now is that myself and th2 appointed trustees will double-up each ticket stub. That means that everyone who has bought a ticket for £2 will get 2 chances.

The feedback supports this. Although the ideal behind £2 per ticket seemed reasonable at the time, folk are buying 2 tickets instead of a book. So for an extra £1, they get 5 chances instead of 2!! And as one of the guys at work pointed out, I’m not trying to re-coup cash for the prizes, they were donated free. In hindsight, the tickets should’ve been £1, but I’ve never done this before…….so I hope you will understand 🙂


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