The raffle, an update and so on!!

Hello again……almost forgot how to post on the blog : )  Finally managed to get the raffle drawn (about time, I hear you!!) at New Year in a very cold Perth and I can only apologise profusely for the delay. Getting folk together was the least of the trouble…..illness, computer-lethargy, hip pain, referred pain and a great deal of it, subsequently no sleep, then being pumped full of morphine which didn’t fully relieve the pain… a general ‘not really interested in anything’ end to 2009!! But we got the draw done, which was the main thing. A mixture of prizewinners from around the UK which was perfect and some winners whose prize really suited the moment for them…..a guy from Faslane Naval Base won the Ski bag and Ski boots bag donated by Craigdon Sports in Perth…he had just taken up skiing, literally : )  Managed to get one of the bosses at work a prize too!!

I’ve contacted most of the winners and left repeated messaged when I haven’t. They are getting till to contacxt me the end of Feb and the prizes will be re-raffled. There have been some touching moments when I’ve been contacting folk. The winner of the Iain Roy print, a Scotsman living in Yorkshire, was the only one to offer to pay for the postage!!  A cop from Northern Ireland and Lesley Walker from the Walk Highlands website both re-donated their prizes to make more money…..Fabulous!!!  The best moments though have been ringing a prizewinner and hearing that this was the first time winning anything : ) Worthwhile!!

Over the next couple of days, I’ll be posting the winners etc on the blog and some photos too!! Oh and feeling fab as well…..had the hip replacement mid-January : ) Feels fantastic and to be pain-free, getting a full nights sleep and NO morphine……no feeling like it!!


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