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Please leave a message of support, whether you donate or not!!


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  1. Neil Woodhead Says:

    Great to hear you’ll be back on the hill and raising funds for these teams. I spend a lot of time walking and climbing in Scotland – always appreciate knowing that the MR teams are there. I’m in one of the english teams and know exactly what it’s all about. Nice one!

  2. Debra Willacey Says:


    I just wanted to let you know that I have donated £10 on line via the ‘Charity Choice’ link. This was in response to a posting made on your behalf on a Network Rail Forum. I am employed by Network Rail as a Signaller and enjoy hiking when I have the chance. I want to ensure that this donation is added to the total that you intend to raise for MRT as without your posting, I would not have thought to make a donation.


    Debra Willacey

  3. Hi Michael

    I’ve donated £10 to the MRT using the link from your blog. Having recently ‘taken to the hills’ along with my son who is 14 I was able to appreciate your attraction to getting into mountain terrain and was very moved by your account of what happened to you both. When we go into the wilds we take care, aware that there is a risk, but the thought that there may be an accident isn’t in our minds. It is amazing that there are dedicated volunteers who are there to help when the worst happens, these teams deserve our support.

    All the best in your challenge.


  4. Steve Middlemiss Says:

    Hi Michael
    I’ve posted a cheque for £30 to the Oban MRT. Good luck with the 4000ers.

    Regards steve(canisp)

  5. Hi Michael, good luck to you on the challenge. Was amazed when reading up your story and amazed your able to do something like this a couple of years on, hope all goes well.


  6. Thanks for the reponses so far, all very appreciated!!

  7. hi Michael

    just donated £10 to the team a very worthy cause. hope all goes well i think you are pretty brave to take it on after what happened !

  8. Mickey Price Says:

    Hi Michael,
    All the best for your challenge, as a fellow BTP Officer (Crime Scene Examiner) and with family in Aviemore on the Mountain Rescue teams I can only wish you well. Donation on way towards your sponsorship. If I’m up in Aviemore at the time, I’ll say hello and buy you a beer or a coffee, your choice.

  9. dominic gonzalez Says:

    let me know when to pay!

  10. Thanks Mickey, will be in Aviemore the night before, so might take you up on that!!

  11. Cheers Kay, hopefully you’ll make a stage or two as well!!

  12. Found this today and marvel at your comeback. Good luck to you. I will add you to my blog role and raise awareness of your trip and hopefully send some donations your way.

  13. alan sherry Says:

    hi michael just to let you no i made a donation for £20 all the best when the time comes


  14. Much obliged for the comments Martin….. had a look at your blog too, a wee bit of work to do on this one!!!

  15. Thanks Alan, much appreciated

  16. Janet Finlayson Says:

    Hi Michael

    I have just donated £50. I hope you enjoy every minute of your challenge.

    Merry Christmas.


  17. chris bonnington Says:

    Michael, sounds a great project and a very real challenge for a worthy cause. The very best of luck. Chris

  18. Hi Michael

    I’ve made a donation using the link on your blog. I think this is a worthy cause, since I once fell off An Teallach ridge myself. I was lucky and got away with a lot of bruises and cuts, and was able to walk out with help from my dad and brother, but it was easy to see how it could have been a lot worse.


  19. Thanks Janet, absolutely fantastic!!! God luck with your challenge!!!!

  20. Thanks Chris, your message has been gratefully received and it’s a real honour!!

  21. Cheers Steve…… your donation means a great deal as we have never met. Says a lot for the MRTs and how we think of them.

  22. This is a great story and a great cause. I’ve featured your blog on my site, “Search & Rescue Stories,” as well as written about it in the corresponding blog at http://sarstoriesnews.blogspot.com. I’m on a Search & Rescue team in Arizona, USA, and think it’s wonderful that, as the rescue-ee, you’re working so hard to give back. Best of luck with your challenge, and I’m so glad you came through this experience in one piece!

  23. Maggiedoll Says:

    Fantastic feel-good ending to what could have ben a tragedy. Good luck in your challenge. I have added your link to my eBay page so hopefully you’ll attract more interest and perhaps more funding. Have you thought of adding the paypal logo to your site? You might get more folks donating…

  24. Hi Micheal,

    I’m a fellow LTFO member (Mazicle). I am also an ambulance technician and I think your story and recover are a remarkable story of strength and tenacity from yourself. As for the rescue, simply amazing, the MRT are wonderful people who deserve all the praise they get. As much as I hope never to need them I am so pleased these people give their time to do this.

    I intend to donate when my finances allow. I also think I may come to Avimore to see you off……… maybe meet you at Glenmore to do Cairngorm? I start West Highland Way on the 15th May so unfortunately will be unable to buy you a beer in Fort William! Will have to see closer to the time.

    I write a blog under the name Louise and I will do a short post in the near future promoting your cause to my readers. If you want to keep an eye out for it the URL is http://ambulancenut-learningtheropes.blogspot.com. I will post it in the next week.

    Good Luck with the training, if you need a walking buddy in the Glasgow area just give me a shout!


  25. Hi Micheal, have just made a donation via your link here. Best of luck with your challenge, its a very worthy cause and you’ve obviously come such a long way in your recovery.

  26. Hi Michael

    Celtic Rock Band Wolfstone and all connected to Once Bitten Records, wish you the very best of success with your fantastic fundraising efforts. You are an inspiration to all and we understand that our music sometimes helps to keep you going through the tough challenges you have faced and intend to face, when you go for the Scottish 4,000er in May!!

    That is fantastic and we are very proud to be able to support you musically, but we will also be donating some Wolfstone CDs (hopefully signed…) for you to raffle and raise some much needed funding for such great and worthy causes. We also want to donate a pair of tickets to you personally, to attend a Wolfstone gig so that you can enjoy a well desrved night out and hopefully, let us shake your hand!!! All the very best for your continued great work and best of luck in May….. Slainte’. Wolfstone (www.wolfstone.co.uk )

  27. Hi Michael,great story and recovery and great to see you back on the hills at last.I will make a note in my diary and maybe see if i can be around up north when you do the challenge.Best of luck with this and i subscribe to TGO and i am sure they would be interested in doing an article?They have a reader forum and i would think it maybe worth it to post a link to your site.Again best wishes for the challenge and hopefully be along somewhere to buy you a drink.You deserve it mate.Dave

  28. Hi Michael, I read about your story in the MBA magazine – what an event to happen. I’m glad you are back in action, appreciating life, and I’ve donated to the Mountain Rescue. Never used them myself – yet – and hope I never will! Best wishes for your May trek, Robert

  29. Hi Michael, Quite a story…It’s fantastic to see you are giving something back to the wonderful volunteers who look after us all when we’re out there doing what we love. £10 donation made. Well done you, best wishes and may the weather gods be with you!

  30. Michael, Rabbies Tours are delighted to help you with your fundraising and will send you some vouchers to raffle. I hope that you have a very successful event and make lots of money for the Mountain Rescue. All the best, Robin

  31. caroline (pompey) Says:

    keep up the good work, incredibly proud of you for what you have achieved and for ongoing fund-raising efforts x

  32. Andrew O. Robinson OBE LLB Says:

    Hi Michael

    As Chairman of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board, I was delighted to hear of your continued recovery. I have felt a particular affinity for you as I have climbed mountains and hills all Scotland. Beinn Achaladair and Beinn a’Chreachain are well-trodden territory. The operations that you have undergone and the consequent rehabilitation which you must have endured is pretty awe-inspiring. Good luck in May!!

  33. Hi Michael,
    Looking forward to chatting and seeing what I can do to help…
    Sorry to hear the hip is still troubling you – must be a little worrying to still be training through niggles when you rather be working on conditioning.
    All the best!

  34. alan sherry Says:

    hi michael
    hope all goes well for you when the time comes.
    i had volunteered which i gladly would have done but stupidly forgot my wifes due our second child at the end of april so any walking for me in may is a definate no go.
    heading to do beinn a chroin on sunday this will be my last till june.
    i will make another donation nearer the time

    all the best

  35. Great to read about your positive spirit Michael in coming back so strongly from your accident. I hope your training and the 4000ers go well for you. As always the process of overcoming the hurdles along the way will be the most satisfying part. The cause of raising funds for rescue is a worthy and essential one!

    Dave MacLeod, Fort William

  36. Having had my attention drawn to Michael’s fund raising ambitions, I was very happy to contribute to the cause in my own small way. As a photographer who spends much of his time out and about in mountain areas, I greatly respect the work of the Scottish Mountain Rescue teams. Along with the Lifeboatmen and the other voluntary rescue services, their service to the community is greatly valued. I am donating one of my panoramic photographs of the north west highlands as a raffle prize and wish Michael all the best in meeting his challenge.

    Iain Roy, Rhue, Ullapool

  37. ROBERT BROWN Says:

    Spoke to you at the snowholes at coire domhain on Cairngorm yesterday. Good luck with the challenge.

  38. Ermanno Rambelli Says:

    It was nice to meet you last Tuesday on the summit of Ben MacDui.
    What a fantastic day! Glorious weather and snow covered hills at their best.
    Congratulations for moving on in such a positive way after the accident and all the best for your challenge.

    Ermanno, from the Alps to the Highlands.

  39. Sally Barnes Says:

    I just wanted to pop over from the LFTO forum (I’m IceDragon) and just say how inspiring you are. To come through that much injury and choose to not only begin walking again, but also face what has to be one of the most daunting treks I’ve heard about…

    Awesome. Just awesome.

    I havent donated yet, but I will. And GOOD LUCK! 🙂

  40. Tina Barnes Says:

    Hi, like my sister above I have also linked from LFTO.
    Glad you are ok after your accident, and well enough to do something lke this is amazing.

    Look after yourself up there, I look forward to reading your blog.

    Take Care x

  41. Katherine McCudden Says:

    Only a few weeks to go now – so making my donation now and hope all your hard work makes a difference to the coffers of all the volunteer services that helped you get back to full fitness.

    All the best x

  42. Many thanks Tina, I’m really looking forward to it and will take extra care!! Some of the MRT guys are doing some stages with me…..to keep an eye on me I guess!!

  43. Thanks Katherine, you’ve been a fantastic help and have let me concentrate on getting fit. Oh and not nagged too much!!

  44. Cheers Sally!! The idea of the trek seemed a good idea at the time!! Can’t believe there’s 6 weeks to go!! I don’t feel inspiring….gong back out on the hills seemed to be the most natural thing to do. M

  45. Russ Baum Says:


    I’ve just given £20 to Oban Mountain Rescue on your behalf – after I read your article in the MBA newsletter.
    I hope it goes well.


  46. Duncan Sloan Says:

    Hi Michael

    You spoke about your challenge to me on Tues 17/3 as you were reaching the top of Cairn Gorm. (I’m the one who lives in Clydebank)

    I just wish to again with you well with the challenge, looks great.

    I have posted a donation to Charity Choice.

    Good Luck

    Duncan Sloan

  47. phil cunningham Says:

    Have just made a donation to Arrochar Mountain Rescue through Charity Foundation website after Pacerpole very kindly gave me a spare part for my pole free of charge and told me of your challenge. As someone new to Munro bagging I can appreciate in part what lies ahead

  48. Sue "hightops" Kirkbride Says:

    Good luck Bioman. Have loads and loads of fun and try to stay upright this time. Bloody good cause that is close to all us hill lovers hearts. Keep up the good work guys xx

  49. Johnny W Says:

    Didn’t realise this was here mate…. I’m pish with all this techno-stuff! I donated £50 a good few weeks ago, but I’ll still wave from the top of Sgurr na Sgine……..

  50. mtunney Says:

    Cheers JW…pish is a techo term or is that fish??

  51. mtunney Says:

    Cheers Sue….upright!! You can count on that one!!

  52. Hey Michael, I am delighted to send you a signed copy of Thin White Line to help you raise money for the MRT. All the very best of luck with this big challenge! Great effort, the teams need all the help they can get.

  53. mtunney Says:

    Cheers Andy…Many thanks for taking the time to leave a message, will need a bit of luck!!!

  54. Cliff Medley Says:

    Hi Michael, Just made a donation and wishing you the best of luck for your challenge. I made the journey to Loch Ossian YHA over Easter to walk from there to Fort William over the Grey Corries, the weather was poor the snow lots (too much in fact to make it safe) so the walk was low level apart from Stob Coire Easain. It is very easy to see why the MR teams are so important when you see weather changing as it did over that 3 days. I hope the weather is better for you, 2 nights bivving out and a night in the laraig leacach bothy with no fire were the highlight.

    Cheers and enjoy!!!


  55. Sorry to hear that the medical advice is changing plans for you, but better safe than sorry!

    Looking forward to Cairngorm…

  56. Clive Bush Says:

    Mate, i wish you all the best with the walk, good luck 🙂

    Clive A&S police

  57. alan sherry Says:

    hi michael

    i donated another £20.00 for mrt

    all the best


  58. mtunney Says:

    Thanks again Alan…..hopefully see you on the route, if mum and babe say it’s ok of cousre!!!??

  59. Chris S Says:

    We heard about your Challenge and have just donated online to wish you all the best.

    Chris and Shirley, North Wales.

  60. Much respect Michael. Best of luck, weather and company on your route. Just back from couple of days walking in Torridon. Whilst there read letter in Trail from guy who made the point that we take to the hills bedecked in and carrying hundreds of pounds worth of gear whilst relying on MRT to underwrite our hobby for free. We often try and content ourselves with sticking a few bob in an MRT tin now and again. Following your efforts re-inforces that we need to do a bit more. Now getting down to selling a few raffle tickets and harassing everyone I know to send a few quid. More power to your elbow

  61. We are travelling to perform in Spain on Friday 19 June and we will be thinking of you getting started on the quest…………so, all the very best and looking forward to seeing you in Pitlochry on 26 July. Hope the music keeps you going!!! Slainte’ Wolfstone

  62. Good luck tomorrow and the next few days for all four of you on the first leg. I’ve just finally donated £50 and look forward to meeting you soon.

    I can’t imagine what a battle it’s been on the long road to get to this point – but the time is here at last. Go for it!

    For anyone who can’t access the donate link on the right, it is here: https://www.charitychoice.co.uk/donation.asp?ref=154897

  63. papagenos Says:

    Good luck with the challenge. How do we buy raffle tickets? There are some great prizes there.

  64. A few work mates and I have clubbed together and just donated £26 online.

    Well done and good luck with the rest of your challenge.

    Colin, Paisley

  65. Just donated £20 to the cause. Good luck Michael and hope the weather is kind to you. Look forward to hearing how progress is going.

  66. Ian McNeill Says:

    Michael, I admire the huge effort you have put into this, both physically in your return to fitness, and organisationslly to raise money for mrt. I’ve been going to the mountains for over 40 years and although I have not been rescued I’ve been very glad to know they are there if needed. I’ve always meant to give them some financial help and never got round to it, but you have finally coaxed my wallet out and I’ve sent £50 – not much compared to the cost of (say) a fully equipped 4wd vehicle. See you next week on your stage 2, Ian (alias bigbertie).

  67. Where-wolf.com wishes you the best of luck Michael!
    We look forward to tracking your progress…

  68. John Burgess Says:

    Hi Michael,

    I was thinking of you out in the hills – hopefully having the lovely morning we’ve got in Perth. I’ve just made a £25 donation (I made another one in early June but forgot to post here) and look forward to the report from stage 2.

    All the best,


  69. Cliff Medley Says:

    Well done Michael for the first bit, I’m following closely your blog as I’ve decided to complete your original route (walking the whole way) and take in an extra munro or two starting the 2nd August. It will hopefully be a fantastic set of days for us both. I must say though needs dictate that I will have to b n b in Dalwinnie and stay at corrour station too, so a few luxuries will be nice.

    Best of Luck


  70. Kenny Harris Oban MRT Says:

    Hi Michael
    I think that what you are doing is extremely admirable and wish you every success in completing your journey and I for one am extremely grateful for the effort you are putting in for Oban MRT and others.



  71. Hi Michael, just added another wee donation to this. congrats again on finishing… looking forward to meeting you out on the hills again somewhere.


  72. Fiona Rowan Says:

    Michael lovely to meet you the other day at the foot of the Ben whilst you had a well deserved pint after a mammouth effort ! great photo and write up in the Oban Times trust it leads to more donations – good on you – its much appreciated – really amazing achievment ! See you at one or other of the gigs
    Fiona (OMRT)

  73. Hey Michael!

    Finally getting myself straightened out again, and ready for the autumn walking season.
    Really glad to see that you made it safely to the end – CONGRATULATIONS!
    Now, about those tickets…

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