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Rescue – Oban MRT’s view

Posted in The Rescue on December 21, 2008 by obanmrt

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Ian, Kenny and I took the landrover up the track that follows the River
Tulla as far as the river crossing and left it there to strike out
across the wooded hillside and railway line in direction of estimated
location on edge of Coire an Lochain.

We reckoned the railway line would be a little faster than the trail
through the wood. The train company is usually warned that emergency
services are on the line during a rescue and it was assumed that any
trains on the line would slow down as they passed the area. Later when
we ascended above the woodland, we heard a train approaching from Fort
William direction and it certainly didn’t sound as if it was on a go
slow! Kenny shouted in his radio to the teams coming up behind us to get
off the line. A very timely warning by all accounts!
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Rescue – Team Leader’s log

Posted in The Rescue on December 21, 2008 by obanmrt

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Michael Tunney Rescue – This is a basic timeline of the rescue from the
position of the co ordinator of the rescue. in this case the Oban MRT
team leader.

1643  Initial Callout: the details given were “Mobile phone callout from
son. Father and 16 year old son, dad fell descending from Beinn
Achallader/Beinn A’Chrechinn ridge. Dad had broken arm in a lot of pain.
Neither had any kit as they had lost their rucsacs in the fall.”

Estimated location from description given believed to be roughly 364449,
quite awkward to get to.

Weather conditions were cold, snow for top 200m, windy, variable
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