With Thanks

I’m going to use this opportunity to thank the individuals and companies that helped get this project off the ground and that are keeping the momentum going. However, those who are sponsoring and donating or are helping out in other ways deserve a mention and much appreciation.

Paramo for making and supplying wonderful outdoor gear  www.paramo.co.uk

Linda Sweenie at D8 Design in Glasgow for her invaluable help with posters and leaflets  www.weared8.com

Teddy Jamieson, a journalist at the Saturday Herald and to Simon Murphy a conscientious photographer, whatever the weather, dresses for the occasion too!!   simonmurphy7@yahoo.com     Thanks guys

Paul Webster of www.walkhighlands.co.uk  fame. An excellent site for everyone who wants to explore the hills and mountains of Scotland. Thanks for the continued support.

Donald Cruttenden of  www.AdventureTradingPost.co.uk the UK retail outlet of the SPOT tracker www.findmespot.com

John Arnott and Andy Mayhew of the www.mountainbothies.org.uk for their assistance and inclusion in the MBA Winter Newsletter.

All the guys in the celtic rock band Wolfstone for their messages of support, signed CDs and concert tickets. Inspirational music which will be on the iPod in May!!    For more info and samples of songs  www.wolfstone.co.uk

Andy Ross and the Mountain Weather Information Service. An extremely accurate weather  forecast that covers the mountains of Scotland and extends to the Lakes and Snowdonia and which is constantly updated. The forecast from this site played it’s part in my survival and I check it every time, so should you!!  www.mwis.org.uk

Nikki Skinner at www.equipuk.com for the RAB gear and no, red wasn’t the best option for the Momentum!!

Sarah Gowans from www.buffwear.co.uk  I’m converted!!

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